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Dipartimento di Fisica, Università degli Studi and INFN

via Celoria 16, 20133 MILANO (Italy)

tel.: +39-02-50317-241

e-mail: colo@mi.infn.it

Visiting YITP, Kyoto, 12/22-2/23

"(...) Yes, the fight
Against the false and the unfair
Was always worth it. So was gardening. Civilise."
W.H. Auden, Voltaire at Ferney

"Consider the sea squirt. In its juvenile stage this simple animal has a well-defined though rudimentary brain, which it uses as it searches for an appealing rock or lump of coral on which to spend the rest of its life filter-feeding on whatever drifts by. Having found one and attached itself, it digests its own brain, retaining only a simple nervous system.
Some people have used the sea squirt as an analogy for an academic career, before and after finding a permanent university position."
A. Seth, Being You

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My research interests include the application of quantum many-body theories, mainly to the atomic nuclei but also to other finite Fermi systems:

  • The nucleon-nucleon effective interaction. Nuclear Energy Density Functionals (EDFs) and link with ab initio nuclear theory.
  • Nuclear collective states. The nuclear Equation of State (EoS): incompressibility, symmetry energy.
  • Isospin symmetry in nuclei. Electromagnetic and weak processes. Astrophysical applications.
  • Exotic nuclei. Particle-vibration coupling. Cross sections for inelastic excitations.
  • Application of nuclear methods to electronic systems. Phonons and electron-phonon coupling.


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I like to put here the link to an interesting post about
the "Pernicious Idea of Students as Customers".
Some may be more intrigued by advises to PhD students.

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