CNGS Neutrino Flux Calculations

Neutrino fluxes at CNGS from the   full FLUKA simulation with the latest (2005) layout. Differences with respect to previously available fluxes and 2003 fluxes are:
  • Detailed description of target rods, supports, tube and revolver
  • TBID, He tank windows, air zones along the decay path are included  
Energy distributions of neutrino fluences are available as tables and plots.
Flavor Flux tables 
(cm2 GeV 1019 pot)-1
Flux plots CC Event Rates on Argon (plots)
Table of Charged Current energy integrated event rates for an isoscalar target normalized to 1019 pot and 1 kton mass
Neutrino n-tuples
Muons at LNGS :readme
Muons at LNGS: n-tuple