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My main field of research is the cosmic microwave background (CMB) with particular emphasis on the data analysis tools. I'm also interested in the physics of galactic and extra-galactic foreground contaminations to the CMB itself and in the developing of algorithms devoted to solve the component separation problem. I'm involved into CMB experiments like:

- Planck - an ESA satellite mission scheduled ready for launch on May 14th 2009 usually called the definitive mission for what concerns CMB temperature anisotropies; see the Launch Event from UniMi site

- LSPE-SBF - a long duration balloon-borne experiment for mapping polarisation of the sky around 40 GHz with sensitivity better that Planck with degree scale angular resolution

I'm an Associate Professor of the Physics Department of the University of Milano. I took my Ph.D. at the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste and then moved as a post-doc to the Astronomical Observatory in Trieste. I'm deeply involved into the Data Processing Centre of the Low Frequency Instrument of the Planck satellite with responsabilities on the integration of the prototype software for the analysis pipeline and on the Integrated Data Information System (IDIS). I work with Carlo Baccigalupi, Federico Stivoli in SISSA, with Anthony J. Banday at CESR (Toulouse) with Simona Donzelli (a former mine Ph.D. student now at Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics in Olso) and with Maria Paola Bottino (Ph.D. student in MPA) on the problem of component separation using an ICA (Independent Component Analysis) approach.

Contact details

Davide Maino                              
Dipartimento di Fisica                   
Universita' di Milano                           
via Celoria 16
20133 Milano

davide.maino at

Tel: +39-02-5031-7252
Fax: +39-02-5031-7272

Recent Publication

"New insights into the foreground analysis of the WMAP 5-yr data using FASTICA"
- M.P. Bottino, A.J. Banday, D.M.
- MNRAS (2010) 402, 207 Abstract
"Quick Detection System for Planck satellite"
- J.Aatrokoski, A.Lahteenmake, M.Tornikoski, E. Valtaoja, D.M., S.Galeotta, A.Zacchei, F.Pasian
- MNRAS (2010) 401, 597 Abstract
"Destriping CMB temperature and polarization maps"
- H.Kurki-Suonio, E.Keihanen, R.Keskitalo, T.Poutanen, A.-S.Sirvio, D.M., C.Burigana
- A&A (2009) 506, 1511 Abstract
"Impact of the 1/f noise and the asymmetric beam on non-Gaussianity searches with Planck"
- S. Donzelli, F.K. Hansen, M. Liguori, D.M.
- ApJ (2009) 706, 1226 Abstract
"Foreground analysis of the Wilkinson Microwave Anistropy Probe 3-yr data with FASTICA"
- M.P. Bottino, A.J.Banday, D.M.
- MNRAS (2008) 389, 1190 Abstract
"CMB signal from WMAP 3yr data with FastICA"
- D.M., Simona Donzelli, A.J.Banday, Carlo Baccigalupi, Federico Stivoli
- MNRAS (2007) 374, 1207 Abstract
"Separating cosmological B modes from foregrounds in cosmic microwave background polarization observations"
- F.Stivoli, C.Baccigalupi, D.M., R.Stompor
- MNRAS (2006) 372, 615 Abstract
"Angular power spectrum of the FastICA cosmic microwave background component from Background Emission Anisotropy Scanning Telescope Data"
- S.Donzelli, D.M., M.Bersanelli, J.Childers, N.Figueiredo, P.M.Lubin, P.R.Meinhold, I.J.O'Dwyer, M.D.Seiffert, T.Villela, B.D.Wandelt, C.A.Wuensche
- MNRAS (2006) 369, 441. Abstract
"Comparison of map-making algorithms for CMB experiments"
- T.Poutanen, G.De Gasperis, E.Hivon, H.Kurki-Suonio, A.Balbi, J.Borrill, C.Cantalupo, O.Dore', E.Keihanen, C.R.Lawrence, D.M., P.Natoli, S.Prunet, R.Stompor
- A&A (2006) 449, 1311 Abstract
"Galactic foreground contribution to the BEAST cosmic microwave background anisotrpy maps"
- J.Mejia, M.Bersanelli, C.Burigana, J.Childers, N.Figueiredo, M.Kangas, P.M.Lubin, D.M., N.Mandolesi, J.Marvil, P.R.Meinhold, I.O'Dwyer, H.O'Neil, P.Platania, M.D.Seiffert, N.Stebor, C.Tello, T.Villela, B.D.Wandelt, C.A.Wuensche
- ApJS (2005) 158, 109 Abstract
"The Cosmic Microwave Background anisotropy power spectrum from the BEAST experiment"
- I.O'Dwyer, M.Bersanelli, J.Childers, N.Figueiredo, D.Halevy, G.Huey, P.M.Lubin, D.M., N.Mandolesi, J.Marvil, P.R.Meinhold, J.Mejia, P.Natoli, H.O'Neil, A.Pina, M.D.Seiffert, N.Stebor, C.Tello, T.Villela, B.D.Wandelt, B.Williams, C.A.Wuensche
- ApJS (2005) 158, 93 Abstract
"A maximum likelihood approach to the destriping technique"
- E.Keihanen, H.Kurki-Suonio, T.Poutanen, D.M., C.Burigana
- A&A (2004) 428, 287 Abstract
"Extracting cosmic microwave background polarization from satellite astrophysical maps"
- C.Baccigalupi, F.Perrotta, G.De Zotti, G.F.Smooth, C.Burigana, D.M., L.Bedini, E.Salerno
- MNRAS (2004) 354, 55 Abstract
"Cosmic Microwave background power spectrum estimation with the destriping technique"
- T.Poutanen, D.M., H.Kurki-Suonio, E.Keihanen, E.Hivon
- MNRAS (2004) 353, 43 Abstract
"Astrophysical components separation of COBE-DMR 4yr data with FastICA"
- D.M., A.J.Banday, C.Baccigalupi, F.Perrotta, K.M.Gorski
- MNRAS (2003) 344, 544 Abstract

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