How to reach us:

INFN - Sezione di Milano

Via Celoria 16 - 20133 Milano

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How to reach us:
By local public transport: We are 1 km away from the "Piola" stop on Underground line 2 (green line).
We are also served by trolleybus line 93 (the stop at the corner of via Ponzio and via Celoria is right next to us). Line 93 also serves M2 'Lambrate' and 'Piola' stops.
An ordinary ticket at EUR 1 (last update: 23 August 2010) will allow one train ride (either regular train or underground - connections between trains are allowed) and unlimited travel on other transportation for 75 minutes from the time of the initial validation. Tickets can be bought from most newspaper and tobacco kiosks or ticket vending machines in underground stations. 10-ride tickets (oddly called "carnets") are also available, providing a super-saving of 8 eurocents a ride.
From Malpensa Airport (MXP): Malpensa Airport is located 50 kms away from the city. A taxi ride to any location inside the city of Milan will not be metered, but will be charged a fixed (and whopping) amount of 85 Euros (last update: 23 August 2010).
Better options:
  1. There are "Malpensa Shuttle" buses running every 20 minutes from the airport arrivals level to Central Station (see below for information on how to reach us from Central station)
  2. Especially during the peak weekdays hours, a train ride may be preferable.
    There are direct "Malpensa Express" trains at EUR 11 (one-way) that run with no or few stops to Milan Cadorna station (which is not Central Station, but is also served by underground line 2), and regional trains at EUR 3.60 (one-way), serving most stops to and through Milan's underground train link ("Passante ferroviario"). The station closest to INFN on the underground train link is "Milano Porta Venezia". See below for more information on how to reach us from there.
From Bergamo - Orio al Serio Airport (BGY): The airport is 43 km of (usually very busy) motorway away from our side of Milan. There are no fixed taxi prices for this airport: the meter will start at the minimum amount or EUR 12, then good luck.
There are buses run by two different companies (refrain from buying a return ticket) running to Milan Central Station every 15 minutes. See below for directions on how to reach us from Central Station.
From Linate Airport (LIN): Linate airport is located only 5 km away from our institute: you should be able to reach us reasonably quickly by taxi at any time. The taxi meter will start at the minimum amount of EUR 12 also in this case.
Public transport options:
  1. Ride the 'Starfly' company bus in direction Central Station and get off at the intermediate stop at Lambrate Station, then either walk or ride trolleybus n. 93 (the 'Starfly' bus runs every half hour and you need to get a special ticket at 3 EUR on board).
  2. Ride buses 73 and 93, changing at the intersection of Viale Corsica and Viale Campania:
From the central train station in Milan (Milano Centrale) Our institute is just 5 km away, so a taxi ride may be in order, but we are also well connected by public transport:
You can take Underground line 2 (green line) in direction Cascina Gobba/Cologno/Gessate to either the Piola (then walk - see above) or Lambrate station (then walk or take line 93 in direction "Viale Omero")
From other train stations located on Milan's underground train link ("Passante Ferroviario"): Get off the train at the 'Milano Porta Venezia' station, then ride tram line n. 33 in direction "Lambrate" to the "Via Pascoli/Piazza Leonardo da Vinci" stop, then walk for 500 meters.
From other train stations located along Underground Line 2: Porta Genova, Cadorna (Express Train from MXP airport), Porta Garibaldi. Take Underground line 2 (green line) in direction Cascina Gobba/Cologno/Gessate to either the Piola (then walk - see above) or Lambrate station (then walk or take line 93 in direction "Viale Omero")

Hotel suggestions:

These are the 4 hotels closest to our institute:

0.8 km away: Hotel Dieci Largo Rio de Janeiro 12
Tel: +39 02 70608180
Fax: +39 02 26684206
Recently renovated four star hotel.
0.8 km away: Hotel Città Studi Via Saldini 24
Tel: +39 744666
Fax: +39 02 713122
Three star hotel. Close but somewhat removed from public transport.
1.0 km away: Hotel Lugano Via Astolfo 6
Tel: +39 02 2663000
Fax: +39 02 26680317
Three star hotel, close to the Lambrate M2 station.
1.1 km away: Hotel Gamma Via Valvassori Peroni 85
Tel: +39 02 26413152
Fax: +39 02 2640255
Three star hotel, located next to the Lambrate M2 and train station.

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