What should you be aware of when IPv6 support is starting?

Francesco Prelz

INFN, sezione di Milano

and members of the HEPix IPv6 group.


  1. What you should be aware of depends on who you are:
    • Network admin (e.g. providing wireless connectivity in this room)
    • Active in management
    • System admin
    • Developer
    • Security Officer
    • End user
  2. The steps to be taken are (by and large) known. Some proud explorers opened the way.
  3. Some lead time is likely needed to prepare for the transition, but how much?
  4. If you are still wondering why we have to do this, remember there's no Plan B.

The IPv4→IPv6 transition.

To-dos for security officers.

To-dos for network admins.

Network equipment supported features.

  • Time may be
    our ally here,
    but the support
    matrix is complex:
Feature (compare with RIPE-554)Appeared in Cisco IOS: Appeared in JunOS:
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery12.0(22)S (January 2003)6.1R1 (November 2003)
Multiprotocol BGP extensions for IPv69.4R1 (February 2009)
OSPF(v3)/IS-IS for IPv69.4R1 (February 2009)
SNMP over IPv612.2X50 (May 2012)
IPv6 Firewall12.3(7)T1 (November 2007)10.2R1 (May 2010)
ACL - IPv6 address12.2(50)SE (March 2009)10.2R1 (May 2010)
Radius over IPv614.1R2 (June 2014)
IPv6 router advertisements (RA) Guard12.2(50)SY (February 2013)15.1X53 (may 2015)
DHCPv6 support15.2(2)S (March 2012)10.4R1 (August 2010)
ACL - IPv6 logging15.2(4)S (July 2012)10.2R1 (May 2010)
IPv6 interface statistics12.2(54)SG1 (January 2014)12.2R1 (May 2012)
NAT64IOS XE 16.2.1 (July 2016)11.2R1 (March 2011)

To-dos for app developers.

To-dos for system admins.

The solo transition

Tentative Gantt chart for transitioning 'solo'. Realistic ?

The group transition

Tentative Gantt chart for a group transition.

To finish the IPv4→IPv6 transition: NAT64/DNS64


Keeping eyeballs happy!

Not the end of the world. Times are ripe...

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