Bormio (Italy) January 25 - February 1, 2004


The Meeting will be held in Bormio, Valtellina (http://www.valtline.it), a mountain village in the Alpes 200 km from Milano and 24 km from Tirano. The participants are expected to arrive in Bormio on Sunday, January 25th, and leave on next Saturday or Sunday. The Meeting will start on Monday, January 26th, and will end on Friday night with the Conference Dinner.

The following topics will be discussed at the Meeting:

- Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at Medium and High Energies
- Relativistic and Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
- Hadrons Structure and Hadrons in Nuclear Matter
- Future Projects and Facilities
- Novel Experimental Activities: a special Section dedidated to Hans Sann


Extended contributions will be presented in the morning sessions while the evening sessions will be dedicated to shorter seminars. A limited number of contributions will be selected for oral presentation, apart from invited talks. If you want to submit an oral contribution, please attach to your application form a short abstract (please one A4 page max; PS, PDF, plain text or Word files, no TEX or similar), before the end of November, 2003.

A transparency projector and a PC (with Windows XP) will be available for your presentation



If you are interested in attending the Meeting, please return the Application Form before the end of November, 2003. Applications (with all the required information, please!) and abstracts can also be sent by fax (02 5031-7487) or by e-mail to BORMIO@MI.INFN.IT.



A registration fee of 100 Euro is requested, to be paid during the Meeting.



The proceedings of the Meeting will be published within two months after the Meeting. Please submit the contributed papers during the Meeting or send them to BORMIO@MI.INFN.IT (PS, PDF or Word format). The use of A4 paper is recommended. The text must have about 3 cm margins. Please note that the final format will be 80% of the original.



From Milano Airports (Linate or Malpensa) direct public buses to the Central Railway Station (Milano Centrale) in Milano are available. The ticket counters are near the exits of the airports.

The best trains to Sondrio and Tirano leave Milano Centrale at:


The scheduled arrival times in Tirano are :


Trains with * travel only on Sunday; the one with ^ does not travel on Sunday. (This timetable refers to 2003. It will be updated as soon as the timetable for 2004 will be available). Public buses from Tirano to Bormio are just at the exit of the railway station. Public bus timetable from Tirano on Sunday: 8.55, 11, 13.05, 15, 17, 18.55,20,22.

A charter bus to Bormio, leaving Tirano around 5.15 p.m., will be organized on Sunday, January 25th, in connection with trains from Milano Centrale and St. Moritz. The bus will be at the exit of the Tirano train station.



The participants will be lodged in the hotels Larice Bianco and Baita dei Pini. We'll take care of the Hotel reservations for you according to your Application Form. Most of the rooms are double. A few single rooms are available at an extra charge (see hotel fare details).


Hotel fares, per person, in double rooms (week full board: from Jan. 25th dinner to the lunch of the following Sunday. Wine is included.) :

Click here for Hotel fare details

HOTEL LARICE BIANCO ( www.laricebianco.it; info@laricebianco.it; 0342-904693):

Week full board: 489.00 Euro

Week half board: 405.00 Euro

HOTEL BAITA DEI PINI (www.baitadeipini.com; baitadeipini@baitadeipini.com; 0342-904346):

Week full board = 499.00 Euro

Week half board = 420.00 Euro









SKI PASS FARES (updated to 2004 fares): 95 Euro (7 days); 87 (6 days); 81 (5 days); 67 (4 days); 56 (3 days); 39 (2 days); 23 (1 day).


For further information apply to (please, use THIS address): BORMIO@MI.INFN.IT

or phone to:

Ileana Iori 02 5031-7253

Arialdo Moroni 02 5031-7299

Secretary 02 5031-7248


FAX 02 5031-7487


XLII Bormio Meeting

Dipartimento di Fisica

Via Celoria 16

20133 Milano