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INFN sezione di Milano
& Dipartimento di Fisica

Universita' degli Studi di Milano
via Celoria, 16 20133 MILANO
fax. +39 02 50317617

Laurea and PhD Theses

We offer both BSc, master and PhD thesis. The student will experience the spirit of an international collaboration and work in close contact with foreign groups.

At the moment (Fall 2016) the group is working on the following topics that may lead to a thesis work:

- Study of the arrival directions of the highest energy cosmic rays, in particular to search for correlation with astrophyisical catalogs (including original ones) and other messengers (neutrinos, gravitational waves)
- Development of advanced analysis tools (in particular Multi-Variate Analysis) to discriminate the mass of the primary cosmic ray
- Characterization and test of the scintillator prototypes that are now being built at the Lecce INFN section

For informations please contact:
Lino Miramonti
Marco Giammarchi
Lorenzo Caccianiga<

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