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The Pierre Auger Observatory

The Pierre Auger Observatory is an international cosmic ray observatory designed to detect ultra high energy cosmic rays. These are sub-atomic particles (protons or other nuclei) with energies beyond 10^20 electron-volts, the energy of a tennis ball traveling at 50 miles per hour, but packed into a single subatomic particle. These high energy particles have an estimated arrival rate of less than 1 per square kilometer per century, therefore, in order to record a large number of these events, the Auger Observatory has created a detection area the size of 3000 square km.
The observatory is the largest ultra-high energy cosmic ray detector in the world. It is located on the vast plain of Pampa Amarilla, near the town of Malargüe in Mendoza Province, Argentina.
The Pierre Auger Observatory is unique in that it is the first experiment that combines both ground and fluorescence detectors at the same site thus allowing cross-calibration and reduction of systematic effects that may be peculiar to each technique. An upgrade, called Auger Prime, is currently under development and it will enhance the primary mass discrimination capabilities of the observatory.

Press Release: L'Osservatorio Pierre Auger apre una nuova finestra sul vicino universo