One-day workshop on “New Vistas on Nuclear Dynamics: Shapes, Spin and Isospin”



The aim of the workshop is to bring together theorists and experimentalists, and discuss new developments at the cutting edge of nuclear structure research, regarding in particular neutron-rich nuclei, new types of nuclear excitation modes, isospin symmetry and its breaking, the nuclear equation of state, new shape isomers and prospects in the domain of super-heavy nuclei.

The date is February 27th, and the venue is “Sala Consiglio”, Department of Physics, University of Milano (Via Celoria 16, Milano, Italy).


9.30-9.40 G. Colo' (University of Milano and INFN): Opening


9.40-10.20 H. Sagawa (RIKEN and University of Aizu): Equation of State (EoS) from terrestrial experiments and celestial observables


10.20-11.00 F. Crespi (University of Milano and INFN): Gamma decay of pygmy states in 90,94Zr from inelastic scattering of light ions


11-11.30 Coffee break


11.30-12.10 S. Yoshida (Hosei University): Density distributions of 48,40Ca


12.10-12.50 S. Shen (University of Milano and INFN): Nuclear density functional with ab initio input of neutron drops


12.50-14 Lunch


14-14.40 H. Sakai (RIKEN): Search for a new element at RIKEN Nishina Center


14.40-15.20 L. Iskra (University of Milano and INFN): Shape evolution in the Y isotopic chain in the N=60 region


15.20-16.00 G. Gosta (University of Milano and INFN): Status report on Isospin mixing study via GDR decay experiments


16.00-16.30 Coffee break


16.30-17.10 S. Bottoni (University of Milano and INFN): Hybridization phenomena in neutron-rich nuclei


17.10-17.50 T. Naito (University of Tokyo): Coulomb Energy Density Functionals for Nuclear Systems