From: Chiara Guazzoni <>
Newsgroups: milano.seminari
Subject: 29 maggio 2006 - Time-Sensitive CMOS Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 17:28:01 +0200
 Milano - Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 - 20133 Milano - Italy
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Il giorno 29 maggio 2006
alle ore 15:00 nella Sala Alfa
Dip. Elettronica e Informazione
Politecnico di Milano
Via Golgi, 40 - Piano Terra

Il Dr. Pavel REHAK
del Brookhaven National Laboratory

terra' un seminario dal titolo


A new type of CMOS Active Pixel Sensors (APSs) is described. The
electric field of a desirable shape is created inside the active volume
of the pixel. The electric field moves the signal electrons created by
ionizing radiation toward the charge collecting electrode. The electric
field results from the flow of a ~100mA/cm2 hole current within
individual pixels of the sensor. The hole current does not recombine
with the very small number of signal electrons. Sharing of the signal
electrons between adjacent pixels by diffusion is strongly reduced in
comparison with no field devices. The proposed sensor is
produced using an industry standard Complementary Metal Oxide Silicon
(CMOS) process. It represents a large improvement of detection by
providing accurate time information.

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