From: Joan Soto <>
Newsgroups: milano.seminari
Subject: 26-11-2003 Model-independent results for heavy quarkonium
Date: 24 Nov 2003 15:23:46 GMT

                               Seminario Teorico

                              Il giorno 26-11-2003
                        alle ore 15:00 in Aula Consiglio

                                   Joan Soto
                       Universitad Autonoma de Barcelona

                        terra' un seminario dal titolo:

                 Model-independent results for heavy quarkonium

 Heavy quark-antiquark bound states (bottomonium and charmonium) have long been
identified as non-relativistic systems. As such, their dynamics depends at least
 on three well separated scales: the mass of the heavy quarks (m), the typical
    three-momentum in the center of mass frame (mv), and the typical binding
  energies (mv^2), m >> mv >> mv^2. In addition, it also depends on the scale
controlling non-perturbative effects in QCD (Lambda_QCD). Disentangling the role
of each of these scales is crucial in order to understand heavy quarkonium from
  QCD. The use of Effective Field Theories allows to do this job efficiently.
      After integrating out from QCD degrees of freedom with four-momentum
    fluctuations of the order of m or larger about the heavy quark-antiquark
threshold, Non-Relativistic QCD (NRQCD) is obtained. It is convenient to further
             integrate out from NRQCD degrees of freedom with ener