From: Andrea Baldini <>
Newsgroups: milano.seminari
Subject: Memorial Lectures for Dennis Sciama
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 15:31:21 +0100

The first Dennis Sciama Memorial Lecture will take place at SISSA on
Friday 25 January starting at 17:00. The speaker will be Professor Sir
Roger Penrose and the title is

       "What do black holes and the big bang tell us about the
                     nature of quantum mechanics?"

Everybody interested is welcome to attend this event which we hope will
a very special occasion. We would be grateful for the assistance of
everybody receiving this e-mail in passing it on to any other friends
colleagues who may be interested.

Following the lecture, there will be a reception and also a dinner for
those who would like to participate in this. For organisational reasons,
it will be very helpful to have an idea of the numbers attending in
advance and so we would be very grateful if you could inform our
secretary, Lorena Bencina (e-mail: - Tel: 040 3787437)
if you are intending to come. She will also be glad to give further
information if required. It is particularly important that you let us
in advance if you are wanting to attend the dinner.

                                                John Miller