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Newsgroups: milano.seminari
Subject: Indirect Search for Supersymmetry in Rare B Decays.
Date: 8 Dec 00 13:20:46 GMT

December the 14th (Thursday) at 2 p.m. (in Aula da fissare)


Indirect Search for Supersymmetry in Rare B Decays


Flavour physics is the least tested part of the SM.
This is reflected in the rather large error bars of
several flavour parameters like the mixing parameters
at the twenty percent level. However, there are facilities
which have started or will start to explore  B physics
with increasing sensitivity and within various  different
experimental settings.
We discuss  SUSY contributions to rare B decays like
$B \rightarrow X_{s/d} \gamma$ in a general framework with
generic sources of flavour change. A  model-independent
analysis of flavour changing phenomena provides hints on
the more fundamental theory of soft supersymmetry breaking.
We analyze  QCD corrections to the  decay rate of
$B \rightarrow X_s \gamma$ and show their relevance  for bounds
on the parameter space of the supersymmetric SM.