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Subject: Univ. of Hannover - Graduate Studies in Physics.
Date: 17 Jul 00 08:12:19 GMT

 Subj: Information to EMSPS Co-ordinators

 Graduate Studies in Physics
 for Students with a B.Sc. degree
 at the University of Hannover

 The German degree "Diplom in Physik" is usually awarded after the
 successful completion of a five-year study program with a twelve-month
 research training during the final year.
 Hannover offers the last three years of this program in the English
 language. The "Diplom in Physik" is academically equivalent to an M.Sc.
 degree, if the degree is based on a one-year research thesis.
 In addition, as a new program, the Faculty of Physics at the University
 Of Hannover offers to foreign students "Graduate Studies in Physics",
 leading to the German degree, "Diplom in Physik" in a two year program.

 The program is open to students holding a B.Sc. degree or an equivalent
 degree in Physics. The first year is course work, the second year
 research training. Instruction is in English. The research training is
 offered in one of the research specialties of the Faculty of Physics:

 - Theoretical physics in the fields of nuclear and particle physics,
 quantum optics and physics of condensed matter,

 - Experimental atomic and molecular physics in the fields of
 spectroscopy and gravitational waves, atomic processes and plasma

 - Experimental quantum optics,

 - Experimental solid state physics in the fields of  surface physics
 and nanostructures.

 The program starts on October 1st with the winter semester, lectures
 beginning about two weeks later. The program can also be entered on
 April 1st with the summer semester.Program students will recieve
 assistance in finding accommodation and assistence for administrative
 problems. Funds for language training in German exist. There are no
 university sources for program scholarships. However, a small number
 of paid teaching assistantships will be available.

 Further information is available under
 Inquiries are welcome by e-mail:

 Applications for the winter semester should be sent in by July 15th and
 for the summer semester by January 15th.
 Late applications will be considered. Applications have to contain the
 curriculum vitae, the documentation of past academic records and of
 language abilities, and at least one letter of recommendation.
 After completion of the program entering the PhD program is open.

 The applications should be sent to

 Dekan des Fachbereichs Physik
 Universitaet Hannover
 Appelstrasse 2
 D-30167 Hannover