How to reach us

By car :

Coming from Northwest (France, Switzerland through Frejus, Monte Bianco, Gran San Bernardo)
Once you are in Italy, you have to reach the highway A4 "Torino-Venezia" and drive towards Milano. When you reach Milano, do not leave the highway and follow the directions for "Venezia". After about one hour drive, take the exit (fee payment required) called "Brescia Est". You now have to follow the directions for "Salo'" and take road "SS45 BIS Gardesana Occidentale". Once there follow the directions for Gargnano. The trip from the highway exit to Gargano is about 45 mins. Please consider that there are usually heavy traffic conditions on the highway "Torino-Venezia" (expecially near Milano) and that there are several road work areas between Torino and Milano.
Coming from East
Reach the highway A4 "Venezia-Torino" and drive towards Milano. Take the exit (fee payment required) called "Desenzando del Garda" and follow the directions for "Salo" (road SS572) and then for Gargnano (road SS45 BIS "Gardesana Occidentale").
Coming from North (Brennero)
Drive south on highway A22 "Autostrada del Brennero" (also in english and german) and exit (fee payment required) at "Rovereto Sud-Lago di Garda Nord". Follow the directions for "Riva del Garda" and then for Gargnano driving south on SS45 BIS. For other information regarding your trip, you can try the Italian Highway Official site

Other means:

Gargnano is only reachable by buses leaving from Brescia, Desenzano del Garda, Sirmione and Milano. As there are very few buses leaving directly from Milano, the best solution is to reach Brescia by train and then Gargnano by bus.
Reach Milano
You can fly to the Milano Airports: Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate and Milano Orio al Serio or come by train. In the latter case you have to get down the train at the railway station called "Milano Centrale"
Get to "Milano Centrale" railway station
All Milano airports have shuttle buses directed to "Milano Centrale" train station (for up-to-date information see also the Milano Airports page also available in English and select the airport where you wish to arrive if you land in Malpensa or Linate or if you arrive at Orio al Serio (English available).
If you arrive at Malpensa, assuming you arrive (as it should) at Terminal 1, go to Exit 6 and look for the "Malpensa Shuttle Air Pullman" buses. These buses leave every 20 mins (from about 5.30 to 00.15) to Milano Centrale. The trip is about 1 hour and costs 4.50 euros. There are also other companies like "Malpensa Bus express", "Stie" or "Caronte" leaving at a lower frequency and at a slight higher cost (5.50 euros). As there are several buses for different destinations, in any case double check with the driver the destination of the bus you take. In all cases, ticket can be bought either at kiosks inside the airport or directly at the bus from the driver. If you decide to take a taxi, please consider that a trip from Malpensa to Milano Centrale might cost you 70 euros or more. There is also a train leaving from Malpensa ( Malpensa Express) to Milano downtown (two trips per hour from 6 am to 10 pm, ticket price is 9 euros to be bought at the ticket counter). However the train stops at Cadorna railway station. From there if you want to reach Milano Centrale you will have to take the underground (green line).
If you arrive at Linate, go out of the airport (ground floor) and look for a "Starfly" bus going to "Milano-Stazione Centrale". The bus leaves every 30 mins from 6.05 to 23.45 and costs 2.50 euros. If you decide to take a taxi, your trip should cost about 20 euros.
If you arrive at Orio al Serio, the company "Autostradale" provides shuttle buses to Milano Stazione Centrale. Therea re 27 daily trips from 8:30 to 1:00 (on Sundays too). Tickets are available at the "Autostradale" counter inside the terminal and cost 6,70 euros.
Take a train from Milano to Brescia
When at Milano Centrale Railway Station go to the first floor and take a train to Brescia (the final destination of these trains is usually Venezia or Trieste). There is about a train every hour from 6.00 to 22.00 (on sundays, too). The timetable is available at the Italian Railway Site (also in English). The trip requires about an hour. Please note that trains labeled as "IC", "ES" or "CIS" require an extra fee, so specify which train you are taking at the ticket office (ground floor). "ES" and "CIS" trains also require that you reserve your seat in advance. Tickets must be stamped at the appropriate machine available near the train platforms before the beginning of the trip.
Take a bus from Brescia to Gargnano
Once you are in Brescia, get out from the station, turn left and find the bus Terminal called "SIA". There you will find buses to Gargnano. The bus schedule is available (Italian only). Click on "Collegamento tra le principali localita' della Lombardia" and then enter "Brescia" in the field "LocalitÓ di partenza", "Gargnano" in "LocalitÓ di destinazione" and the date of your trip in "Giorno del Viaggio". Please note that the current bus schedule is valid only up to 8/6/2005. Check back after this date for the september schedule. Tipically there is about one bus per hour from 6.55 to 18.00 on sundays and from 6.00 to 20.00 on working days. The duration of the trip is about 1.30 hours. Tickets can be bought at the SIA offices and must be stamped on the bus at the appropriate machine.
If you travel by train on the Venezia-Milano line you can get out at "Desenzano del Garda" and then take a bus to Gargnano from there. Be careful however that the frequency of buses is much lower than from Brescia. The schedule can be obtained entering "Desenzano" as starting point and "Gargnano" as arrival destination. Note also that in many cases you will have to change bus in "Salo'".